How does it work?

Outsource technical tasks to vetted experts from Gratify. Work together in your Slack.

Gratify supports all kinds of technical work, from software engineering to writing blog posts. You can find an expert for your task in two ways: automatically or manually.

🔮 Automated Matching
Experts come to you. Message our bot 'help' and click 'Draft New Task'. Describe your task and post it to our network and wait (usually within 5 minutes) for an expert to respond.

👨‍💻 Manual Matching
Search through our top experts and cherry-pick your favorite. Click 'View Profile' and contact them in Slack.

Match with an expert

After matching with an expert, Gratify will open up a Slack channel between you and the expert.

Collaborate in your Slack workspace

Gratify creates a single private channel in your workspace for discussing requirements with your newly-matched expert. Each person works conveniently from their own Slack space, so there’s no context-switching or new invitations required.

Pay securely using Gratify

When the task is complete, you may conveniently pay without leaving Slack. We have integrated Stripe to provide you the most secure and convenient payment processing from your favorite bank, debit, or credit card.

Build your own network

Use Gratify to re-hire and engage your favorite experts again and again. Channels opened between you and a matched-expert remain open even after the task is completed.

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