Post tasks for free

There is no cost to posting your task to our network of vetted experts. Receive bids, questions, and negotiate with expert freelancers to match your budget.

Pay as you go

You only pay for completed tasks. Posting a task is completely free and does not require a credit card. You may configure a payment method after successfully matching with an expert and pay conveniently from within your Slack workspace upon task completion.


You and your Gratify expert can negotiate a pricing structure that fits your budget best. Gratify will log all communications and assist in holding both parties accountable to the agreement.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees. You can post tasks for free without a credit card. Upon payment, Gratify takes a 6% fee from the expert freelancer and a flat $2.00 transaction fee from the client.

Gratify for Business

Powerful client-services solutions by Gratify

•  End-to-end customized task management solutions.
•  Personalized conversational user experience.
•  Managed and secure hosting.
•  Tailored to your team's workflows.