How Gratify Works

Post a task

To begin, direct message @Gratify in your Slack. After a short chat with our bot, your task details will get posted to our network.

Match with an expert

Once your task gets posted to Gratify, relevant experts on our network receive notification and are able to inquire about your task. After negotiating to fit your budget and requirement scope, we'll match you with the expert!

Collaborate in your Slack workspace

Gratify creates a single private channel in your workspace for discussing requirements with your newly-matched expert. Each person works conveniently from their own Slack space, so thereโ€™s no context-switching or new invitations required.

Pay securely using Gratify

When the task is complete, you may conveniently pay without leaving Slack. We have integrated Stripe to provide you the most secure and convenient payment processing from your favorite bank, debit, or credit card.

Build your own network

Use Gratify to re-hire and engage your favorite experts again and again. Channels opened between you and a matched-expert remain open even after the task is completed. Have more work? Skip the task post and casually message your favorite expert!

What kind of tasks can I post to Gratify?

Javascript, Rails and other programming tasks
"I need a node script written to download images from a list of websites. It should download images based on their name and tags that I provide. Could you help me out?"
Writing and blog posts
"We need content written for our company blog. We post weekly and would like 2-3 articles written. Length is usually around 5 paragraphs, we can provide examples and topics."
Shopify, Magento and other eCommerce tasks
"The hero image on our shopify site sometimes disappears after pageload. The expected deliverable is to fix the bug so that the home page loads the hero image as expected. Username/pw/host can be delivered after match. Deadline for this task is a loose, but hoping for delivery before Tuesday."
Logos, illustrations and graphic designs
"I'm trying to make an animated email signature (like a gif). You can see an example of our logo here."
SQL and data analysis
"We have a mysql db that has been performing poorly. Basic googling says we need to implement indexing (we have none). We can provide the schema and can provide access to the staging db if necessary."