Invite Friends, Get Paid.

We'll pay you to share Gratify with friends and freelancers. See details below.

Invite a friend

Do you know someone who needs Gratify? For every friend you invite, you both get paid!

  • Get $10 (after your friend makes a payment).
  • Get 1% of the 💵 they spend in Gratify.
  • Your friend gets $10.

Invite a freelancer

Are you already working with a freelancer on another platform? Invite that freelancer to Gratify and get $50 off your first transaction with them!

All freelancers must be approved by our team. Message @Gratify in Slack to take advantage of this offer.

Where is my invite code?

In Slack, message @Gratify 'help' to grab your unique link. Share your link with friends to take advantage of the rewards described above.

Want to share a particular expert? You get credits for that too! You can share specific Gratify profiles with friends, just click on the expert's scorecard.