More clients. More feedback. Repeat.

everyone has a website
now everyone can own a platform

Uber transformed the ride-sharing industry through convenience. Hailing a ride on your phone is much easier than standing outside in the rain to flag down a car. Where Uber failed, however, was providing this convenience to drivers while continuing to allow them to work (truly) under their own terms. Uber determines drivers' rates and more, which has become the company's stigma.

What if we could provide you the same conveniences that Uber customers love, without taking your entire business down along with it? That's the vision behind Gratify Directory -- to provide you (and your customers) the conveniences of today's platforms without selling your soul.

how does directory help my agency?

Gratify Directory instantly transforms your agency into a platform (like Upwork) without relinquishing control (or your soul). We take 0% from your transactions.

plug into slack
let clients come to you through ai matching

Gratify Directory is a Slack plugin that automatically creates public-facing profiles for every one of your freelancers. Think Upwork and Uber, but no profit-killing attachments.

Our consumer-facing product (Gratify) allows clients (and you) to search our entire network for specific freelancers who may fit their needs. What does this mean for you? Automatic lead generation from both clients and other agencies with resource gaps to fill. It's a win, win, win.

your own public-facing directory
sell to clients with confidence

Every agency using Gratify Directory gets their own unique directory URL populated with beautiful, modern profiles of their own team. Showcase this URL on your website, in emails, and more to give clients a better look into what you and your team do best. Capture feedback, reviews, and ratings from clients to build your team's public reputation.

instant organization
learn more about your team

Most clients (4 out of every 5) churn with just one poor experience. Do you know who the best (and worst) freelancers on your team are? Who is the absolute best at react and javascript? What about email marketing?

Gratify Directory aggregates feedback and performance to give you a proper look at who's performing well and who isn't. Use the same tools showcased above to enjoy a deeper look into your team's honest performance.