Hiring Developers on Upstack through Gratify

James Diecidue - Aug 06, 2019

Upstack on Gratify

As of today, Upstack is officially accessible through the Gratify network! Upstack specializes in providing teams with full-time developers. They've worked with the likes of The Chive, Juul, and Intercom. Partnering with Upstack allows Gratify to continue building the most reliable and conveniently accessible group of vetted freelancers. Both Upstack and Gratify are closed networks, and are comprised with top talent that have gone through a screening process.

Why would I contact Upstack?

If you're looking to find a full-time development resource for your team, you can chat with an Upstack manager directly from Slack to find a personalized fit. They can help you find a top remote development resource for your project.

How can I contact Upstack?

You can contact Upstack's management team here. Additionally, all #dev tasks posted to Gratify will get sent to Upstack for potential bidding.

Doesn't Gratify already have developers?

Yes, we do. However, Upstack is another closed network with similar vetting measures. Combining networks allows us to take advantage of the convenience of Gratify while providing our clients with an array of vetted resource options to choose from. We're proud to feature Upstack as a partner because we believe they embrace similar values and vision for the future of work, their addition to our network strengthens our ability to provide development resources to teams in need.