New freelancer pricing options

James Diecidue - Mar 05, 2019

We're offering a new pricing structure on Gratify. Before you read further, let me be clear that if you are satisfied with your current pricing structure, you can keep it. Below details our new pricing strategy that is an option for existing freelancers and the default for new freelancers. If you are satisfied with your current pricing structure and do nothing, your current plan will remain as-is. If you are interested in our newer pricing structure, just DM @gratify to switch and we'll take care of you.

Starting today, our freelancer pricing packages being offered are as follows:

Starter and Ultimate packages

Why the change?

Gratify is a bootstrapped company. We don't have funding and we aren't necessarily looking for it. We think that the gig economy in technology deserves an experience like Gratify; a snap-on freelance platform for Slack. We're prepared to make the necessary changes to the financial model to ensure that this experience can be delivered sustainably to ya'll. Upping our starter transaction fee to 15% and abolishing the base-level monthly access fee puts us on track to become sustainable as we grow and is a competitive rate within the platform gig economy.  Rival freelance platforms charge as high as 20-25% on transactions.

With that said, one of the goals of our platform has always been to create opportunities amongst the technology-skilled population. 15% on transactions is a substantial fee, especially if you are making a substantial amount of money from Gratify. If this is your case, then our Ultimate plan is for you. On the Ultimate plan, you pay 0% in transaction fees in exchange for a monthly access fee. We believe this new pricing strategy is both fair and logical for those who want to freelance on our platform, and allows us to continue improving and supporting Gratify full-time.

I'm happy with my current plan, what do I need to do to keep it?

Nothing. If you do not request your freelancer plan to be switched, it will stay exactly the same. If you are delinquint on freelancer dues or have canceled your freelancer subscription (but have remained a Gratify Slack member), your account will automatically converted to the Starter package.

I'm not happy with my current plan and would like to switch, what can I do?

DM @Gratify your request to switch to either plan (Starter/Ultimate) and an operator will jump in and switch you over to your desired plan.