How to post a task to Gratify

Kyle Moser - May 22, 2019

Using Gratify, you can outsource technical roles to experts in Slack. This includes copywriting (posts, content, whitepapers), marketing (lead generation & seo), development (website fixes) and more. All of our expert freelancers have been vetted by our core team so that you don't just match with a freelancer; you match with an expert in their field.  Posting tasks to Gratify is both super easy and free.


Step 1 - Message Gratify 'help' from Slack

Send a simple message to @gratify, 'help'. This will open the main menu, from which you can post a role/task to the network.

Step 2 - Describe your task/role

Write a brief description on what you want completed. It can be a short-term task or a long-term role. Be as descriptive as possible. The more descriptive you are, the better match you are likely to receive.

Step 3 - Post your task!

Click 'Send' and you're done! Our core team will review your task briefly before posting it to our network of ~200 experts. You will usually receive a response from a freelancer within a few minutes.