Gratify + Capital Factory

James Diecidue - Mar 29, 2019

Gratify and Capital Factory Logo

Gratify is partnering with Capital Factory to build a directory of Capital Factory freelancers.

What is Gratify Local? It's a searchable, Slack-friendly directory of expert-level service providers within a given community. In this instance, it's a freelance platform for and consisting only of Capital Factory members.

Our core team has previously worked out of a WeWork and we frequently found ourselves networking and engaging with other experts within the building for all sourts of tasks. We specifically used one vendor to help us produce content for our product. In co-working spaces such as WeWork and Capital Factory, members can find freelancers for social media, web/mobile dev, technical writing, and a whole lot more without looking too far, but meeting the right person for the right task isn't easy. The organizers behind WeWork and Capital Factory do a great job of setting up networking events and getting members all to meet in person (for pizza, beer, etc), but Gratify Local brings that experience into Slack. Once a Capital Factory member adds Gratify to their Slack workspace, they can post tasks to the internal Capital Factory network of vetted freelance experts, or browse the internal directory to view past work, client feedback, and bio information.

We're starting to build Capital Factory's directory, if you'd like to register as an expert, click here (30-second application).

What kind of tasks can Capital Factory members post?

Gratify is a task-agnostic matching platform. We support any type of technical work, but below are the most common tasks posted on our network.

📝 Blog posts and copywriting content

✏️ FB, Instagram, and Google ads maintenance


🤓 Technical writing

🎨 Design (logos, gifs)

💾 Mobile and web development

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Lead generation

How can I post a task?

 You can post tasks to Capital Factory's freelancer network in two ways:

  1. 📒 Browse CF Freelancers(coming soon)*— the directory lists registered freelancers within the community. Click ‘View Profile’ to browse task history, profile information and more. If you’d like to chat with the freelancer, just press ‘Message’ to open up a chat with them in Slack.
  2. 🔮 Automatch from Slack — Sign in with Slack (in the header), then message the app help from Slack. You can post a task to the entire Gratify network or restrict the post to your specific community ( building). You'll usually get a response from an expert within 2-3 minutes.

The easiest way to get started is to 'Sign in with Slack' and post a task to the network using Automatch. Below is an example of a task you can create from Slack and post.

A Gratify task in Slack.


If you'd like to give Gratify a try, whether you're a Capital Factory member or not, just 'Sign in with Slack' (in the header).

*We're rapidly building up Capital Factory's directory and will publish a public link once we have vetted an appropriate amount of service providers. Click here to apply  (30 second application).