2.3.0 - The single largest Gratify update

James Diecidue - May 24, 2019

It's been a while since we've pushed an update and upgraded our favorite bot's ๐Ÿง . With that said, update 2.3.0 is the single largest update to Gratify we've ever deployed. If you're already a Gratify user, you have access to all of the functionality outlined below. The new updates make it much easier to fill technical roles (within your company) with Gratify freelancers. We've enabled more transparency, more information and more convenience all around. More details about the update below!


Web/menu redesign

When we initially launched Gratify, the most popular question we received was "What types of roles can I outsource?" Our response was too simple: "Anything technical." 

The latest update vertically segments Gratify's capabilities in both our help menu and website. We include top freelancers from each vertical to easily let you click and match with freelancers who you'd like to chat with.

Try it out: Visit gratify.ai and click 'Match' on any skill-sets you need supported at your company, you can browse top experts or send a gig to the entire network.

Superior matching algorithm

Our initial take on matching was linear. Freelancers were able to bid on gigs one-at-a-time. We thought this was the most fair, but years of feedback proved our assumption false. We saw many would-be matches fall through because high-quality matches didn't get to Slack in time. We rewrote this functionality so that gigs remain open for bids until the client says 'No more bids'. This lets clients screen interested freelancers a bit more before matching, and also lets freelancers bid on tasks that may be a bit older. We've included transparency mechanisms to help freelancers gauge client commitment as well, to minimize the initial trust requirement. 

Try it out: Message @gratify 'help' in your Slack workspace and click any of the match buttons.

Deeper web & Slack integration

After signing into Slack from gratify.ai, you can click the 'Sign in with Slack' / 'Automatch' button to have Gratify ping you in Slack. 

Try it out: Click 'Sign in with Slack' above.

More analytics on freelancers

Over the past few years, many of our clients have asked for more information about the freelancers on our network. This update helps that immensely. Previous work can now be sorted by tags. Just click on a tag in a scorecard to view the freelancer's past work related to each tag. We've also included rating-per-skill in the scorecard profiles. Alongside all of this, scorecards now appear with freelancer bids, so any freelancer who bids on a task you've sent to the network will automatically send along their scorecard link before matching,  which includes their past work, bio, references, and more.

Try it out: Visit gratify.ai/scorecards and click into any profile.

๐Ÿคซ Something secret

Hidden in this update is an entirely new service which we'll be unveiling in a Product Hunt launch shortly. It's available now, and has a guaranteed expert match time under 1 minute. Can you find it? 

Try it out: ???