Our Core Team

Our Story

Gratify started as a result of a remote work relationship that James Diecidue and Ihor Rusinko developed while working on another project in Slack. They eventually enlisted Mariya Yarchuk and Kyle Moser to assist with operations.

The Gratify team is committed to providing a high-quality service to our users. We have been steadily improving the product and supporting users since our beta launch in September 2017.

Our Mission

We want to enable more work to get done through a convenient means of finding and working with experts in your Slack workplace. By reducing the friction and context-switching associated with finding freelancers, Gratify enables a new way for people to work together and build professional relationships online.

We also take our ethics seriously, and are committed to building a environmentally-friendly company that supports a positive, inclusive community. We believe the future of work requires empathy, sustainability and transparency from technology builders.

Credited Works

Some illustrations used on our site were found from The Noun Project, which have been produced from Gan Khoon Lay, Vicons Design, Kokota, Pawel Glen, Norbert Kucsera, Oksana Latysheva, unlimicon, ralf schmitzer, Pedro Santos, Creaticca Creative Agency and designify.me.

Get in touch

Have a question about how Gratify works? Email us at info@gratify.ai anytime.